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    Java/Open Source Mailing Archives

    revealTextApplet :: Download Source Code
    Mouse sensitive hotspot which reveals a text field when clicked on. Allows control of colors, fade rate, text info, and in the near future, sound. Used in my personal homesite at

    HiBut :: Download Source Code
    Highlighted Buttons Featuring the following:Four States!Relative URLs!Images, Sounds, and text in the status bar!Full user-configuration power!Control of background color and double-bufferedsupport for transparent gifs for pseudo-transparency!Source code availability!Online user's guide and troubleshooting!

    PopUp :: Download Source Code
    PopUp is a button applet which displays a popup window containinga description of the hyperlink when the mouse passes over the applet. It is fully configurable and allows three ccutsomizable sound events. You'll never wonder what's behind that button again.

    PopUp :: Download Source Code
    PopUp is on of the most versatile menu applets around. It allows up to twenty completely indepedant buttons on one menu. What sets PopUp apart from other applets of this type is the optional popup message frame which appears when the mouse is moved over a button and disappears when the mouse exits the button. The purpose of this is so that visitors to a web site will not have to guess what lies beyond the button.

    Choice Applet :: Download Source Code
    This is a buttons applet that lets you choose a URL. They are two state buttons with beautifull graphics and sounds for each state. It is free for download and reuse by anyone! Full sources are available!

    fjMenu :: Download Source Code
    Frontier Java's Menu Bar applet is very versatile. With up to 18 basic parameters and 6 item parameters, fjMenu can be used to create many different looking menus. You can set default colors, labels and frames; then override them for particular buttons. The menu will layout itselfautomatically, including vertical and horizontal centering.

    The Headliner :: Download Source Code
    Hi there, Use this script to display a button with differen lines of text with several animation options. Each line has got his own url you'll jump to if clicked on the button. Looks especially good in NS4 and IE4 but also works in NS3 and hopefully in IE3. Greetings, Jan ps. It appears not to work with UNIX and Mac OS:-(

    The Headliner :: Download Source Code
    Hello, Here is a new version of The Headliner. Use it for 'headlining' news with a different url, ftp, mail-address or whatever for every line. Now work with frames also. Check it out with NS4 and IE4, it really looks great! Just open the index.htm page in your browser. The actual script is in headliner.htm. By the way, it also works with NS3 and IE3 and maybe with NS2. Regards, Jan Pijnacker

    QuickCoolButton :: Download Source Code
    QuickCoolButton is an extension of the standard Canvas class to make visually appealing non-image but colorful text buttons. QuickCoolButton lets you have MSIE or Netscape Communiactor 4 style borderless buttons. It has the 'same size' feature ofQuickButton1.( When the mouse moves over a QuickCoolButton, raised borders popup and the label text chnges to a brighter sha

    ISCButton :: Download Source Code
    ISCButton V1.1 is an interactive button. It will change color when mouse pointer moves in and out of the button, and it will connect to the specified page when clicked. User can define font size, font color, in and out color, label name, URLs and the frame where the lined page will be displayed.

    ISCMagicButton :: Download Source Code
    ISCMagicButton V1.1 is an interactive drop-down button. It will change color when mouse pointer moves from one button to another, and it will connect to the specified page when clicked. User can define font size, font color, in and out color, label name, URLs and the frame where the lined page will be displayed.

    DocumentButton :: Download Source Code
    DocumentButton is a set of animated hyperlink button classes.

    urlButton :: Download Source Code
    The URLButton applet demonstrates how to connect an applet button to an Internet URL. Source code included.

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