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    Java/Open Source Mailing Archives

    Five Card Stud :: Download Source Code
    Play Five Card Stud at the Red Eye Saloon in the Rhodes Arcade!Bet you can't beat Black Bart!

    Run 21 :: Download Source Code
    The Game of Blackjack and speed in one combination. Try to get five hands as close to 21 without busting. Dothis within 40 seconds. You must get a total of 97 or more to even score. The score factor is multiplied by thetime remaining, and this is your score. Have fun and enjoy.

    Blackjack :: Download Source Code
    interactive blackjack game

    poker :: Download Source Code
    A nice videopoker game.

    JavaGuts 2 :: Download Source Code
    A simple three card "Guts" poker game played against three computer controlled opponents. There is just enough AI at work here to give you a good challenge.

    Run21 :: Download Source Code
    This is five-hand speed Blackjack. The object of the game is to score 97 points or more with 5 hands of Blackjack while racing against a clock.

    Royal Flash :: Download Source Code
    Build the best poker hands vertically and horizontally in a 5x5 grid while racing against the clock.

    Super Blackjack :: Download Source Code
    An outgrowth of the card class (,this is a casino blackjack game thatis also a simulation. You can try outnew rules and see if they make money!All rules accessible without recompiling.

    BlackJack :: Download Source Code
    Self playing Blackjack with basic strategy simulation and card counting.

    Sum31 :: Download Source Code
    Try to score 31 points in every row and column of a 5x5 grid.

    Dragon Casino Interactive BlackJack :: Download Source Code
    An Interactive BlackJack program written in JavaScript offeringplenty of play options.

    11Up :: Download Source Code
    Remove cards from the board in groups totaling 11.

    Zip21 :: Download Source Code
    Get as many Blackjacks as possible using an entire deck.

    Java Poker :: Download Source Code
    Five-card draw poker with one draw. Jacks or better to win - need an ace to draw four.

    Rossi Engineering's Cribbage Applet :: Download Source Code
    Play cribbage against this applet. Has both automatic and manual pegging options. Distributed under GPL.

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